Ohso chocolate review

I got the privilege of being sent these chocolates to review. I was very excited when they arrived!!

I got given 2 7 pks and 2 single orange flavoured bars. They come in little individually wrapped packets. At first i thought i would need to eat them all in one go as no way could a tiny bar satisfy my chocolate cravings while trying to eat healthier. Once i eat a little bit of chocolate there is no stopping me!

I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but these were delicious and i didn’t feel the guilt going through me, when on one naughtier day i decided to have 2! I may have been converted to dark chocolate by these little fellas.

For starters these are only 72 kcals per bar!!
It contains probiotics which have been tested to find that one bar is 3 x more effective than most good for you probiotic drinks. Great to think a bar of chocolate is actually helping me out.
Great for those on special diets as it is also gluten, cholesterol,nut and wheat free.

When i opened the packet it was different to what i expected. Tiny cubes of chocolate connected together, as if a big bar had been made to size, for these.


The orange has a little tang to it, it very much tasted like i was eating jaffa cakes and made the delight of eating these bars that little bit more exciting.

For those on Weight Watchers i have worked it out to be 2pp which is great for a chocolaty snack.

You can order these chocolate bars from Ohso website and there is currently an offer on at the moment with half price on your first order of a 7pk plus free delivery. RRP is: £3.99
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I was sent this item free for the review. The review is of my opinion only.


Weigh in week 4

Yesterday is weigh in days, you may have noticed i never updated my blog with my weight. This being my scales decided not to play ball and wouldn’t weigh me. So i have no idea how much i have lost/gained, but hopefully next Thursday i can get it working and just miss a week.

I am doing OK on the diet, i have been naughty every now and again, but still not minding eating the veg with my meals, which i never thought i would say. My portions haven’t shrunk, but my Opp veg has doubled on my plate, so i guess that is ok for the portion not to shrink?

One of the things i like about hubby being away…

I get to eat the meals he doesn’t like, yum!

On todays menu is WW sweet and sour sauce with noodles and beansprouts yummy! I do have some onion bhajis left over some may have to eat some of them, and mix Chinese food with Indian. With that also using up some of my weekly points maybe.

2lb down

So after lasts weeks stand still, no loss, no gain. I have lost 2lb, i had a little bit of a naughty weekend. Ok a lot of a naughty weekend! So i thought i would be the same still. I am now at the point i always get to when on diets and can never lose more after this point, so waiting in anti anticipation for next weeks weigh in. I am also a lb away from my first WW goal which i think is 10%? I know they set it for me when i joined so guessing it is something significant like that. I have so far lost 6lb in 3 weeks. Altogether i am wanting to lose a stone/stone and half, but this dieting is also for getting me to do exercise to tone up too. I would love to be a size 10/12. At the start of the diet i was 12/14 and seem to be a 12 at the moment, so glad i have lost that size 14!

I have become more experimental with my meals. Cooking things that aren’t from WW recipes or not WW products. It seems to be ok, but while i don’t have my mobile (getting fixed AGAIN) it seems some days i forget to point my tea so i daren’t have a little treat after kids are in bed just incase i have gone over them. Much easier just tapping it in on my mobile as i go rather than having to be on the computer to do it. I still have last nights tea to track, but that will be updated soon along with the loss 🙂

4lb lighter :)

First time to weigh in since starting the Weight Watchers weight loss programme a week ago and i am 4lb lighter 🙂

I am surprised it is so much, i only have about a stone to lose, so was expecting a slow loss, especially as i have been eating the Christmas Celebrations chocolate most nights to use up some of my points. So it shows i can thankfully diet and eat Chocolate!! Looking forward to the weekend for an extra treat, thinking some more chocolate to use up some of the extra points for the week and maybe a glass of wine too.

Having a loss has really pushed me today to stick to it. I am determined to be in a size 10/12, how long that will take i don’t know, but hoping within 6months. I have also done 6 days of 30 day shred for exercise along with school run, dog walking and if possible walking to Tesco instead of using the car.

I have found this diet to be the easiest for me by far, i have used fad diets before and lost but given up as too hard, and gone off the diet wagon.

I have 3 birthday cakes between 15th and 24th of this month, so need to save some of the extra points for a slice of cake on Jessicas birthday. Then the next week will be needing to save points for 2 cakes. Not sure how the weight loss will go with these in mind, hoping for a  1lb atleast.

I have felt like i have more energy this week, apart from last 2 nights being up with biggest princess.

So onwards and upwards onto week 2.

Day 1 of diet

Is it bedtime yet?

I find dieting so hard, my willpower is weak.

So i decided to go for weight watchers diet as i’ve heard good about it. Signed up yesterday to see what it was about and it all got too much to take in, so i asked some friends on it, and now seems easier to follow.

So far i have had a weetabix for breakfast and am currently eating an orange, although i am not enjoying it too much as i have just brushed my teeth, not the best thing to eat after doing  that.

I have yet to write out  my weekly planner for food, but will be doing it soon as need to sort out food for tea. Will be trying poached egg for dinner ( yes that’s right i have never actually tried one before), hoping it isn’t too hard to make. Think i will buy a pan specifically for poaching eggs to make it easier lol.

Will be starting the 30 day shred dvd tonight too, not looking forward to the leg pain tomorrow!

So welcome to my diet journey.

New Year..New me..New new year resolution!

So at this time of everyone is talking about it. New Year Resolutions. I seem to have a theme with mine since having children, every year it’s ‘Diet and lose weight, i will stick to it this time.’ So what’s it this year? Yep the same as the past 6years. I am joing Weight Watchers on the 2nd and starting the diet the next day. I will the  be doing my 30 day shred dvd most nights and trying to walk more to Tesco, seen as it is just round the corner! Lazy, i know! My excuse was the fact there is a big hill to it, go down it on way there, but way back is a killer going up with all your shopping.

So what New Year Resolution do you have? Have you even thought about it yet?


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