Am i size 10 now??

I have been on the health kick a week, surely i should be a size 10?? I am so impatient with weight loss and toning. I should have a flat stomach by now too! I don’t have that or the size 10 figure. Infact i haven’t changed at all. I like things now, not one to gladly wait for things. This is my ultimate healthy lifestyle downfall, i fall off the wagon because i see no progress a week on, a hard week at that! I have swam twice since Monday and done the gym twice. I seem to be losing my brain this week too, maybe chocolate gives my brain a boost?

Tuesday i went swimming in the morning, the day before i had swam in the morning and done gym after tea. It helped in loosening up my muscles as i never felt the burn as much as normal if i had done that amount of exercise the day before. The only problem was, my brain was left in its wrapper when i woke up that day! Get to changing rooms, get undressed and unlock door, luckily before fully opening this i realise i am in my birth suit and have yet to put on my swimwear! Can you imagine the embarrassment! I finally get into the pool and start swimming, much harder than the day before, 10 lengths in i seem to be struggling to do anything, switching, from all sorts of different strokes during the lengths just to get me to the end of the length. There was a point i was doing back stroke and yep, i done the embarrassing thing of going into the stairs with my head. I stand up look around to see the life guard covering her mouth from laughing. How dare she laugh at me! Ok, ok so i would laugh too if it was someone else.. I carry on swimming as if nothing had happened, 30 minutes in and 29 lengths done, i gave up! It just wasn’t my day for swimming.

Done the gym last night, too busy laughing with friend to be able to do many of the arm weight lifting stuff. I can feel it on my stomach muscles though, so tomorrow i may wake with my 6 pack right?

So this is my journey so far, i WILL get there, but for now will give swimming a rest until next week when hopefully i will dodge the stairs and walking out in birth suit! Will try to get to gym again today and do better than last night!


Exercise isn’t as bad as i thought

Done the gym induction on Saturday, which was good, but i did forget how to do all the weight machines, too many to remember. I was doing the inner and outer thigh one wrong, doh! I asked how it was done again and thanked and walked away. I didn’t want to do it again to forget what pin goes where. I am easily confused! I am back to the gym tonight and am actually looking forward to it, getting a bit of ‘me’ back into myself instead of just ‘mummy’ or ‘army wife.’

What is even better for me with gym membership is swimming is free, i love swimming (well really like not sure i am as far to say love) i would rather swim than run. I’m not the best and prefer back to front which sometimes is a bit annoying on lane swimming trying to make sure i don’t go into anyone or the wall at the side. Which yes i have done before. This morning dropped the kids off school, Jess at nursery and went swimming. Last time i went swimming on my own without kids was the swimathon over a year ago. It was good to be able to get dressed on my own not worrying about kids. Got there and waited to join in at the end on the slow lane swimming, no way was i wanting to be at the front, i always worry i will slow people down. It was a lovely swim, managed 40 something lengths in 40 minutes (ish). There were times i would’ve loved a little rest but i carried on with the flow. I got out with jelly legs, nearly fell back in pool, oops! Hopefully off to swimming again tomorrow morning if i can still walk after gym tonight!

The exercise is coming quite easily to me, for once! The healthy diet is hard still, loving the smoothies though!

Swimathon complete

Some of you may have noticed on Twitter that i completed the Swimathon. 100 lengths in 1 hour 32 minutes. I am quite shocked how quick i done it. I was halfway at exactly 45 minutes and was sure the person counting had got it wrong. Couldn’t believe it when it was finally 10 lengths to go.

Without any training i thought i would really struggle and need 5 minute breaks here and there to catch my breath. The longest break i had was about 30 seconds and that was to let the fast people get by me in my lane so i could do my speed. I done about 2-3 laps to their 4/5 so got over took a few times if they had caught up to me half way through the length. I done it all on my back. Found it easier and thought if i need to do this i need to do what is easiet. This has always been my strongest stroke. I can remember doing swimming for the school one time for the yearly sports days and i done back. There were 5 of us and i came 2nd lost by half a second! Devastating.

The problem with back stroke is i couldn’t tell if i was on the right side of the lane if you were too much in the middle the people coming back the other way wouldn’t fit through, so i kept having to make sure i was at the edge of the lanes by looking to the right and taking in some water at the same time. Also another problem was i hit a few people in the other lanes with my arms when i got too close to the floating lane dividers oops! I also hit my head once, i didn’t realise i was at the end of the length, pretended nothing happened and carried on, but i’m sure some people would’ve noticed who were watching. Only i could do something so stupid like that. Never made that mistake again though, learnt my lesson.

I found the time went quicker than i imagined, there was a beam in the ceiling when i was half way so i kept focus on getting passed that each length, it didn’t feel like i had swam for an hour and half. I also bizarrely found that after half way it kind of got easier. My arms and legs went without thinking, although sometimes i did nearly drown myself as my body decided to just stop everything when i went too deep into thought, but it woke me up brought me back to earth.

I am looking forward to next year to try again and hopefully beat my time! This was my first time at it and first time i had heard of it. It was great to be apart of a brilliant activity for a great cause. Hopefully i will see others taking part next year too. If i can do it, so can you 🙂

There is still time to donate, so if you would like to donate (now that you all know i did do it and didn’t fail miserably) then please follow the link  thank you 🙂

Please excuse my goggle stained eyes, picture was about 2 minutes after completing.
20130428_143718[1] 20130428_143730[1]

Swimathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care

On Tuesday i signed myself up for the swimathon. I enjoy swimming, although since having children i rarely have got the chance to go to a local pool and do some lengths. It’s normally holding a child swim.

I am doing 100 lengths. I’m not quite sure what i have let myself in for. No training for it.

It is also on Sunday, so no time to train even if i wanted to. Monday is going to hurt, but it is for a good cause so i’m going to give it a shot and hopefully i will complete the goal.

If anyone would like to sponser me please follow the link, thankyou in advance.


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