Cold, flu, cough and snow

I have been a bit awol on the blog posts recently.

I made the Next sale on Saturday morning, queuing up at 6:30am in the freezing cold. Got some huge bargains get back to parents and then suddenly out of no where i had razor blades in my throat, a blocked nose that turned to snotty in seconds and feeling tired (that could’ve been down to the early start). Since then i have suffered. I feel a little better today, but saw every hour go by on my clock during the night. I was either waking up to blow my nose or waking up because i couldn’t breath through the blocked nose. Early night tonight maybe.

The snow, what can i say? It’s boring me! It’s not exciting, but a nuisance instead. I am sick of being cold and having to put on gloves and hats. This month last year we had a BBQ, it was boiling hot and no one wore coats. This year however is totally different. I am hoping for a good summer, but we are in the UK and the sun doesn’t have a clue how to get rid of the rain and shine brightly on us.


Oh Mr Weatherman!

Why are you still determined to bring snow? I get it, you like snow, you want more. I don’t!

All the snow boots and snow gear got put away couple of weeks ago, then we had more snow, so out it came. Didn’t last long and i presumed that was it. It obviously wasn’t and the bag is out again.

It looks very pretty yes. Is a great treat on Christmas day or a few weekends, but weekdays with school runs is a no. Now i am sure you have done this on purpose solely to annoy me, today being the day i have 4 school runs and am trying to get rid of a cold for weekend Valentines night out with the hubby.

So if you wouldn’t mind i would like it to stop now please, you have made your point.

All that comes to mind is the song ‘Blame it on the Weatherman’ by B*witched. So yes i blame him. And yes i liked B*witched when i was younger..


I think i am the only person to open the curtains and instantly feel annoyed and moody when i see the white stuff laid outside.

I don’t ‘mind’ snow it’s the ice i hate afterwards, and the fact i can’t use the car until roads are ok. I don’t do driving in the snow unless i have to. It was better in Germany as we had the winter tyres so gripped better, but now were back in the UK we havn’t bothered, this is the 3rd winter back in the UK since moving from Germany, i also tell myself once the snow is over ‘next year were winter wheels’ but it never happens, something always breaks and goes wrong at this time of year, plus we have 3 kids presents for Xmas to buy and then 2 kids birthdays in January.

So this year the winter tyres got dismissed and instead we got the car a full service and breaks changed (more or less illegal when we changed them). Thankfully we got them done just in time, infact only 3days ago. Good job the snow stayed away until now, otherwise i doubt we would have much luck driving!

Went into Thomas and Amys bedroom this morning, opened the curtains and ‘NOO, its snowed’ with a big sigh to follow from me. The kids bounced up off the bed and looked outside and got all excited. Thomas was dressed for school in no time and kept asking if it was time to go. It finally got to the time to go and i have never seen him run out the house as fast as he did.  Running all over the freshly laid snow to make footprints. That is the only positive the kids love it!

I soon have the mid day school run to take Amy to the school nursery, not looking forward to the snow walk! Last week when it was flooding Thomas got out early, so i got me and the 2 younger ones dressed for splashing in puddles. It wasn’t until i got home i realised my feet were drenched and my lovely wellies had a hole somewhere. So now i’m going to have to go out in the snow with wellies with holes. Feet will be placed firmly on the radiators when i get back. This is the time i miss a fire in the living room. Radiators are no good trying to get the cosy feel in the room.

I really am not a fan of winter i hate the cold, being a November baby you’d think i would like it. So today i will be walking to school like an old cold grump, simply because, it snowed!



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