Easy, breezy shopping is over..

No i am not talking about anything to do with Covergirl, for those Americas Next Top Model watchers (easy, breezy beautiful, Covergirl). I am talking easy, sail through, peaceful shopping. It is over. Jess has decided she hates being in a pushchair and has to walk. I have decided i hate her having to walk and would much prefer her to be in the pushchair! It has mostly started this week, everytime she is put in one, she is climbing out, no matter how tight the straps are.

Went shopping on Tuesday afternoon for an hour. It was a stressful hour, I’m sure i lost 4/5lb from my stressful sweat of keeping Jess close to me and safe, whilst steering the pushchair and not  going into peoples feet. I was late picking Thomas up from school, as i hadn’t given myself enough time to deal with a toddler wanting to get away and run. Along with the slower pace a toddler brings.

‘No Jess, hold hand please’
‘Jess come here’
‘Jess shall we put you in the pushchair?’
‘Jess this isn’t good behaviour’
‘Jess please be good’

All she done was reply with;


That awful word they learn that comes into conversations alot!

I have to go back into town soon and pick up the Clarks shoes we ordered as they didn’t have her size in. I am dreading that trip! I also need to pop into Next too *gulp* This would be where you  bring in the;

‘Jess if you sit in your pushchair i will get some sweeties for you for being good’

Then it makes it worse. She sits, eats the sweets and then the sugar rush wants to break free. Which then gives me a Jess who wants to run everywhere.

*sigh* does she not know her mammy loves pushchairs alot, and would not like to give up that milestone yet…


Next Sale

Today is the day the slots have started to come out for the Next sale. I LOVE Next clothes for the kids, and will be up bright and early on Boxing Day to head to the shop sale. I always find the Christmas one the best one. I’m also hoping i get a VIP slot with later batches, can’t make the first slots anyway this year (Saturday) as at wedding, so hopefully i’ll be invited and can get a Sunday one.

I know i’m not the only bonkers one to get up super early on Boxing day for it, I don’t feel how tired i am because i am shopping!! I love shopping for kids clothes! All kids need the next size up so will hopefully do well on trying to get new wardrobes for the 3 of them!

I was actually bonkers enough to do the Christmas sale in 2010 37weeks pregnant lol. It was a bit hard, the bump got some strokes, some shocked faces at how close i was and at the sale, and some saying just bashing me into railings (poor bump). I got some great outfits the bump (now known as Jessica) was well worth it all!

Some new clothes

Usually when i go shopping for clothes i come back with nothing for myself and loads for the children instead. I can’t help but buy the kids bits and bobs when i’m out.
As soon as i walk into a shop i go straight to the childrens section, it’s like a magnet, if i walk past something i like in the adults, i walk past and go back to it once i’ve looked for the kids. On Saturday me and the mother decided we’d go to Metrocentre in Gateshead. Taking Jessica with us (i feel lost without a pushchair to push and child there). We arrived in the area around 2:30pm and the queue into it was on the motorway. I thought it wouldn’t be as busy as it was with the time, but then we are now in December and it was a Saturday, so common sense should’ve been used and noticed, that yes it would be heaving! Nothing was stopping me from going shopping though!
We found a space quite easily, caught someone on bottom floor coming out, bonus! No driving around for spaces or being on top floor.

Walk into the first shop Debenhams and yes, it was packed! We made our way through the traffic of people and bags and out the doors of the shop into the centre. Ahhh Metrocentre!!!

I passed shops i normally go in, as i said i would go to them on way back to the car because they were too busy. We found a stall of Yankee candles and treated myself to 2 small candles, 1 for a Christmas display and 1 for after Chrsitmas to display. My shopping virginity for that day had gone, i always find it hard to buy that first purchase, as although yes i did go shopping to spend, i still don’t like to spend money either.

Next shop my favourite for clothes, shoes and accerories and anything else they sell. Primark, otherwise known as Primarni to others. Got my basket and away i went. First trying on and i liked alot but needed different sizes, 2nd trip to changing rooms and have 4 blouse tops, shorts and a dress to buy, in the basket they go. I find more to try on and off back to the changing rooms i go, another top later, and we finish the changing rooms. Boots found and in basket along with many other accessoires.  We then head to the childrens, Yes childrens AFTER mine! I finally cracked it, gone to my things before kids and actually bought a fair few items, including my snug ladybird onsie, SO comfy! The mother bought me, some shorts, blouse top and the boots for Christmas out of Christmas money, so i now have to wait until the big red jolly man comes to the houses before i get them back lol.

Come out of the that shop and head for Mcdonalds for some tea, it’s 6!! Where has the time gone? How long did we spend Primark!? By the time we have had our tea it’s nearly time for closing, i never made it to them other shops i was going back to, i spent the last 30mins in a gorgeous shop full of handmade soaps/bath bombs and sponges that have soap blocks on and when you use it the soap fluffs up on the sponge, never seen this before, loved the idea! Also handmade burning shapes that smelt delicious! I treat myself to a bathbomb, it lasts 6baths!! I have never seen a bathbomb that does that! How fantastic i thought, and for £3.99 it is quite a bargain! I couldn’t resist. I LOVE bathbombs! http://bombcosmetics.co.uk/ This is where she gets her shop supply from, if anyone is interested and likes bathbombs as much as me.

So although i only got into 1 clothes shop i actually got a fair few new items in my wardrobe, along with some other bits and bobs.

Whenever i go to shops to buy clothes i very rarely come back with 1 item, all in all it was a great shop from me.

Online food shopping

I never used to be a great fan of this, i enjoy food shopping (without kids, with kids can get a bit stressful at times!). I like seeing what’s on offer and being able to pick my own fruit and veg.
Yesterday food shopping was needed but i just couldn’t get the energy together to go do it. Bearing in mind Tesco is only 2min drive from me..yes i drive there most of the time, it’s down a hill which is fine, but coming back up a hill with shopping, gets me all flustered, gasping for breath, as if i’ve just ran a marathon in 30 degrees heat. When i reality i am just not fit enough for that work out. I decided to go for a change and use Asda. Nearest one to us is 30minutes away so rarely shop there.
Last night once kids were in bed i sat wrote down our meals for the next 5 days and started my shop, most of it was done by searching, making me miss all the chocolates/crisps on offer. Felt great to be finished, sit back on sofa and went to watch my recorded soaps.
Shopping came this morning, 4 substitutes but all good enough, delivery man was fab. Nothing worse than getting something delivered and having a miserable person on the other side of your door. Jessica enjoyed unpacking with me, carrying the 4pint milks with noises as if she is soo strong lol. Once finished she gave a sigh of relief and went back to the living room to cause some havoc. I may have to do this again next week, save me from the cold and drive.


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