I’m back!

Hopefully some of you noticed me gone.

Have had a few things happening since last post, one being a new posting in November. Took a while to settle, still not 100% settled but this is the army life and i am expected to get on with it. So get on with it i will try ūüôā

I have a new pushchair also. Jess being 3 in January made me decide on a final pushchair, i sold the Bugaboo Bee+ as i wasn’t 100% on it. I found the more i used it the more i found cons on it and it got the point i didn’t enjoy it no more. I have pondered for years on the pushchair and turns out it isn’t as great as i thought. I also missed Stokke! I’d had 2 Xplorys the purple and pink and with them bringing out 2 new pushchairs. Scoot and Crusi i could finally go back to them. I sold the Xplory as was getting too big for Jessicas age so went for the Scoot. I hated it when it came out, i thought it was ugly and cheap looking. I took the plunge and bought one to be used as my finally pushchair, and i love it! I don’t see the ugly side of it (apart from recline, but don’t use that with Jess not napping). The cheap looking i once thought was there has disappeared and i enjoy it!
Will try get time for a seperate Stokke love post.

I have also been wallpapering 2 rooms in the house! First time for us to wallpaper and me and hubby seemed to enjoy it. We want to do more but it is finding the time for that and wallpaper not too expensive that we like seen as we won’t be here long, 2 years at the most! Will do another post on this too, pictures included. Slowly trying to get house sorted but taking it’s time plus trying to do it cheaply seems to be hard as i want everything i see!

Hope to start getting into posting alot more again, so be back soon.


Goodbye to the Pink Stokke Xplory

Sad times, when i have to say i am selling the pink Stokke Xplory.

I love it alot, the colour is lovely and vibrant, and looks lovely in the summer sun (when it happens!) The pink pixels summer kit was just as eye catching but unfortunately i haven’t any pictures of this on as after a week of using it i decided it was time to let go and let someone else get some love from the Xplory. Jess was 2 in Jan and still has plenty of room left in the pushchair, but i drive alot and have found myself using the car buggy just for ease of getting in and out of the boot. If i walked more i would be keeping it, no questions asked.

I have owned a fair few pushchairs and by far this is the best and my number 1 pushchair! I am now moving onto the smaller pushchairs AKA ‘stroller’ pushchairs. So once the Xplory is gone i will be pushing a bugaboo bee+ around instead! Never tried one but always wanted to, so this is my opportunity to do that before Jess gets too old and i say goodbye to pushchairs forver. Let’s not think that far ahead though for now.

Easy, breezy shopping is over..

No i am not talking about anything to do with Covergirl, for those Americas Next Top Model watchers (easy, breezy beautiful, Covergirl). I am talking easy, sail through, peaceful shopping. It is over. Jess has decided she hates being in a pushchair and has to walk. I have decided i hate her having to walk and would much prefer her to be in the pushchair! It has mostly started this week, everytime she is put in one, she is climbing out, no matter how tight the straps are.

Went shopping on Tuesday afternoon for an hour. It was a stressful hour, I’m sure i lost 4/5lb from my stressful sweat of keeping Jess close to me and safe, whilst steering the pushchair and not ¬†going into peoples feet. I was late picking Thomas up from school, as i hadn’t given myself enough time to deal with a toddler wanting to get away and run. Along with the slower pace a toddler brings.

‘No Jess, hold hand please’
‘Jess come here’
‘Jess shall we put you in the pushchair?’
‘Jess this isn’t good behaviour’
‘Jess please be good’

All she done was reply with;


That awful word they learn that comes into conversations alot!

I have to go back into town soon and pick up the Clarks shoes we ordered as they didn’t have her size in. I am dreading that trip! I also need to pop into Next too *gulp* This would be where you ¬†bring in the;

‘Jess if you sit in your pushchair i will get some sweeties for you for being good’

Then it makes it worse. She sits, eats the sweets and then the sugar rush wants to break free. Which then gives me a Jess who wants to run everywhere.

*sigh* does she not know her mammy loves pushchairs alot, and would not like to give up that milestone yet…

The pink Stokke is here!

My purple  sold Monday, and yesterday in the very windy weather i traveled an hour and half to go get it. I bought the pink one from the same woman i bought my purple off which was lovely, as that meant we finally got to meet after knowing each other for 3/4yrs from online.

I LOVE the colour pink, it looks lovely in pictures, but in real life it is even nicer! It¬†definitely¬†has the ‘wow’ factor. I am thinking of getting beige textile kit in a couple of months and maybe mix and match with the pink. The pushchair also came with the pink pixels summer kit, which looks lush, but i am unsure if it will ever get used in the British summer, as lets face it, our summer is mostly, cloudy and rain!

Here are some pictures of Jessicas new wheels:



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