Next sale what?

My Christmas always includes the Next Sale, this year it was Boxing Day, would rather day after but hey can’t complain as the workers have to be there too. I done a VIP slot sale but with it being one of the last slots there wasn’t much left in any sizes i wanted. If i can i do the shop sale, i actually prefer the shop sale rather than the VIP, but the one thing that is better about VIP is that you get better more wanted items on there, like pjs, coats etc. Me and the mother were ready in the queue at 5:15am waiting 45mins for the doors to open. Most think it is truely insane, but once you are in the queue i find the time goes quick. It’s when i get home all i want is bed (which may i add never happens until the night time, once kids have gone to bed).

It wasn’t too bad of a shop, i didn’t think there was as much as usual in it, but still managed to have 4 big bag full plus a new kettle and toaster wahoo!


So the Next sale is over, what’s next on my list after Christmas? Toy sale shopping… Once pay day is here (tomorrow, Yehh!) I then have the task of finding things for Jess’ birthday (15th Jan) and Thomas’ (24th Jan). I bought a few items in the offers for Xmas presents, but not enough to not need to have to buy more for birthday. Jess is nearly done thankfully. Thomas has a big Lego set and may buy another biggish Lego set, to then complete more or less his presents, which also include moshi monsters things (do not understand these in the slightest but he asked for them) some pjs and pants (So exciting hey lol). It’s so hard having all the kids birthdays near Christmas (Amy Oct) because you come to summer time and they have nothing. So we then need to go out and buy toys for garden. This year a few family members bought the kids gift cards for Toys R Us. So the kids had a good shop in there yesterday and still have £19 left which will be kept until summer towards something for the garden.

I am hoping there are still some good bargains to be had tomorrow to finish the birthday present buying. Then that’s it for another 9months before the madness of present buying starts again.


Wrapping of the presents

I am lost as to when we can do this without child interruption.

I have left the wrapping until this week, usually Thomas is at school full time, Amy afternoons and Jessica usually naps afternoons too. The hubby has finished work until the new year, so the perfect timing for wrapping would be when he is here to help out in the afternoon. It would appear Thomas knew this and wanted to put a stop to it. He is still not 100%, he went to school this afternoon, as he seemed better this morning, his eye looks near enough normal now, but he has a cough now. His appetite was back also. Got a phonecall 15mins before school finished to say he was feeling sick and he would be in the office not in the classroom. Sick??? Where has that come from, he wasn’t off with sickness? We ‘think’ he may have ate a little too much at his school Xmas party this afternoon to make him feel sick, but it is true he has suddenly gone backwards and is ill again. He asked to go to bed early, bless him. This brings a big question, when do we wrap presents? He will now not be back at school until next year.

Tomorrow is the day it can only be done with Amy at school nursery and Jess asleep. This leaves Thomas. What do we do? We have a plan…put a film on for him and hubby sit by door, so if he does try to see what we are upto he can’t!

Will we get it done following this tactic i don’t know! Usually i leave the wrapping until last minute and it is done Christmas Eve or the night before, but i have a suspicion they may not go to bed aswell as i would like for that this year!

I don’t mind wrapping presents, i like to be able to relax and try and do it neatly. I give myself challenges. With left over wrapping paper once a roll has finished i challenge myself to find something that will fit in it so it’s not to go to waste. I succeed most times in doing this. Although when i had just Thomas i did go out and buy a small toy to fit a piece of paper just so i used it. Wierd? Yes maybe so? It relaxes me, wrapping presents, i may not be good at it, but hey at Christmas while the children are young they think it’s Santa and the Elves who have wrapped the presents badly not me.


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