Toilet/ potty training

This is the biggest stage of childhood i hate having to deal with. Thomas and Amy weren’t one of those a week and sorted kind. When Jess was 2 it was getting closer to ‘that’ stage. I decided to wait until i thought she understood it all and would be one of those children that it clicked with quickly.
When children turn 2, 2 and half people start to think this is potty training time, i did it with Thomas and Amy plus pressure from others saying they should be doing it now, i tried and failed. Just after their 3rd birthdays i done it again and took a few months with Thomas and around a month with Amy, to even just get it and get to the point of a dry day and being confident in them with it. I realised it is like everything else with children and babies they do it when they are ready. Not all children are the same. I had the toilet seat ready which i reviewed last year, click link. It is helped greatly through this stage.

Jess turned 3yrs and 5months on 15th of this month. Being in day nursery 2 and half days they were eager to try it with her last week just before the 5 months mark. I decided to try it and see how she went. I had ‘tried’ a few times and realised quickly this was not the time for her, so in all honestly i thought this may be the same. She insisted she didn’t want to be a ‘big girl’ yet. First 2 days were mostly accidents, then on the 3rd day it clicked. She woke up and had one accident, 1! Wow is this how it is supposed to be?? This is what people say if left to do it when ready. I always wondered how overnight it could just click into place and here was Jess showing me. I can’t explain how pleased i am for Jessica to learn so quickly and finally want to be a big girl 🙂
We started toilet training on the Tuesday and by Friday it was time to go in our tourer caravan away for Fathers Day weekend. We chanced it and put her in pants. She did fantastic for new environment and being out and about. We had an accident in the car on the way there, she fell asleep on the way so we expected to maybe having to change her when we arrived. Over the weekend we only had 2 more accidents (think excitement took over some thinking of having to go to toilet!) Since the weekend we have had no wee accidents. She is also dry when waking and going to the toilet straight away. So testing the waters with night time training next week if the dry nappies at night continue.

I have enjoyed this stage much more this time and glad the last has ended on a good note. My littlest princess is growing up.


Kids Kit KidsSeat Toilet Trainer Review

The lovely Hello Baby  were kind enough to send me a little present to review.

The Kids Kit KidsSeat Toilet Trainer . I was excited to receive this item, we had used similar before but this looked alot better being a 3 in 1!

The box arrived in super quick time and i was ready to test out the potty part on Jess. I had a test in January to see if she was ready for toilet training, it emerged she wasn’t. Instead she used the potty setting to sit and watch tv, read a book, and generally chill against the sofa. We did get chance to test the potty as she done 2 fluke wees. It was very easy to take the potty part off and tip down toilet to then wash out and place back. The potty was very sturdy thanks to the huge feet bar at the front that rests on the floor and the sturdy feet on the back.

Jess chilling in the potty mode and watching tv.


After realising toilet training isn’t happening i put it into another setting and let Thomas and Amy test out the step and seat mode on the toilet. It was very easy to change over just as it was easy to put together the potty mode. You get given a little tool which helps the loosening and tightening of the bolts keeping it all in place.



Within a minute or so it was transformed.

One of the perks to this make of toilet seat was the footrest it was sturdy in place meaning when the kids went to get down they could easily step off onto the floor without it slipping or folding away. They enjoyed holding onto the handles while on the toilet and also held on while they got down.


It is very easy to take off and fold away leaning against the wall. We don’t have a big bathroom but fits very well on the wall behind the door. Thomas and Amy never complained about having to put it on themselves and put it away, infact they enjoy that bit the most about going to the toilet..


Picture to show the handle.

The last setting we have not tried, as isn’t needed yet with Amy being that bit too short still to get on the toilet without a step, but it is used as a toilet seat without the step attatched and you would simply place the yellow part on top of the toilet seat.

Overall i really rate this product, at £25.99 from Hello Baby it is well worth the money, and very sturdy. No need to buy the next stage for when your child grows as this will grow with your child.

Hello Baby can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

I was sent this item free for the review. The review is of my opinion only.


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