Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

So we’ve said goodbye to 2012, some have had good years, some bad.

Highlight of 2012 was getting our puppy Tilly in June. Low was that we sadly lost a very close relative. Hopefully this year brings better luck, for us and all of you.

What did i learn in 2012?

Always check measurements of furniture before buying!! Oh yes we did, we bought furniture that couldn’t get through the doors of the house! Our beloved corner sofa. Wouldn’t get through the front or back door so it had to go back to the warehouse and get someone to bring it to us and cut it up so it would fit in the door and then build it up again in the house, oops!

Do not go camping with someones  tent and with young children. First time of trying camping in a tent was our summer holiday with the kids. The tent was borrowed, good size, 2 bedrooms and living area. The only problem it leaked when it rained! We had drips all over the tent, one big one being in our bedroom area! After this i will not be camping for a while. I found it hard to keep kids near us (being that our tent was close to the cliffs, it was very stressful holiday).

Never go jumping in puddles with kids, when your welly has a hole in it! My feet were soaked through, bad idea.

What will i learn in 2013 i wonder?!

Hope everyone is having a fab 2013 so far and may it last throughout the year 🙂



It’s such an awful word to hear or say. Why can’t our bodies just keep us skinny whatever we eat? It would be so much easier!

So my diet starts in the New Year. You may remember a post on the dvd workout ’30 day shred’ how i started that and was determined to carry it on? Yes, well that kind of went out the window. I done the first day. Yep that’s right i lasted a blooming day! Ha! I am looking at joining Weight Watchers in the New Year, and starting up the exercise dvd again, and i will stick to it!

Since having kids i have found it so hard to keep to diets. I moan i am fat, next minute i am sat down eating crisps and chocolate. It is just too hard to stick to it.

I am going to try my hardest in the New Year, i promise!

My downfall is crisps, more than chocolate. I love crisps! I don’t drink much alcohol in the month so atleast i won’t have that to cut down from, that is one good thing. Although i have just bought a bottle of wine, but it is for New Year celebrations, so it’s forgiven.

Maybe i should put back my diet starting 2nd Jan instead of 1st? Hangovers don’t accept healthy food, need big fat greasy breakfast and a bag of crisps to try help me feel better, hmmm.


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