Handmade button heart for photoframe

I have had a little making afternoon. I bought some green frames last weekend for the kitchen for me to do something handmade in them. I have done an apple of words for one which needs printing. The other i have done a button heart. Very simple to do but looks good and for next to nothing in price.

The box photo frames were 2 for £3, buttons £2 off ebay ( a mix of green colours, shapes, sizes and patterns), pva glue which was already in the house.

Firstly i arranged the buttons into a heart shape, not perfectly symmetrical but that’s what i like about handmade it doesn’t have to be perfect and no one else has the exact same as you. I glued the buttons down onto the paper sheet that came with the photo frame. Let it dry for 15minutes and then put it into the photo frame, and voila all complete and ready to be hung on the wall.



Homemade Christmas Decorations

So at the weekend i thought i’d tackle some decoration making. Our Christmas decorations aren’t up yet, we are waiting until next weekend for that one, having to move a couple of things around this year to fit it in, thanks to our very large corner piece suite we got in Jan.

I was ready to make a bauble wreath, but half way through realised i hadn’t enough baubles for it. Being a bauble wreath that is the main part of it, i should’ve thought it through more and got more baubles!

I bought a plain small wreath from Tesco and little baubles, so started that one first. Out came the glue gun (reminds me of school so much!). Kids were excited about helping, they wanted to do the glue gun, i said no too dangerous which made me ‘So unfair’ words of wisdom from the son. Thomas and Amy gave me the baubles to glue down and in no time we were finished. Thomas looked at it happily and wondered off. Which left Amy, she asked me what i was doing with half made wreath. I told her we couldn’t finish due to not having enough. She then came up with an idea, of still having a bauble wreath but not having to use them. So off came all the baubles and we started Amys plan, first was the tinsel, then the help of her getting me the baubles for me to stick down. Once done she proudly went to show daddy the wreath. Personally i was quite impressed with her clever idea, so simple and yet still effective.

I couldn’t do this blog post without pictures, so i wont keep you in suspense any longer and will show both wreaths and let you in on the masterpiece from Amy.


The top one in silver is courtesy of Amy and my glue gun skills of course. Bottom wreath courtesy of the help from Thomas and Amy.
They will be up next week on show, in the mean time i am thinking of other decorations to make! I have a Santa dough to do with the kids, which should be fun. I am really starting to like crafty makes!


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