Exercise isn’t as bad as i thought

Done the gym induction on Saturday, which was good, but i did forget how to do all the weight machines, too many to remember. I was doing the inner and outer thigh one wrong, doh! I asked how it was done again and thanked and walked away. I didn’t want to do it again to forget what pin goes where. I am easily confused! I am back to the gym tonight and am actually looking forward to it, getting a bit of ‘me’ back into myself instead of just ‘mummy’ or ‘army wife.’

What is even better for me with gym membership is swimming is free, i love swimming (well really like not sure i am as far to say love) i would rather swim than run. I’m not the best and prefer back to front which sometimes is a bit annoying on lane swimming trying to make sure i don’t go into anyone or the wall at the side. Which yes i have done before. This morning dropped the kids off school, Jess at nursery and went swimming. Last time i went swimming on my own without kids was the swimathon over a year ago. It was good to be able to get dressed on my own not worrying about kids. Got there and waited to join in at the end on the slow lane swimming, no way was i wanting to be at the front, i always worry i will slow people down. It was a lovely swim, managed 40 something lengths in 40 minutes (ish). There were times i would’ve loved a little rest but i carried on with the flow. I got out with jelly legs, nearly fell back in pool, oops! Hopefully off to swimming again tomorrow morning if i can still walk after gym tonight!

The exercise is coming quite easily to me, for once! The healthy diet is hard still, loving the smoothies though!


The diet and exercise update

So some may be wondering how it’s all going, with no update posts for a while?

Well, it got stopped. I couldn’t do it no more. Weight Watchers just wasn’t for me. I have a busy life with 3 kids, school runs, 2 dogs etc that i just didn’t have time to stand there weighing out all my food to get the right amount of points. Some recipes i still use from the website as i liked them, but the diet regime is none existent.

The exercise, well that has stopped too, the 30 day shred dvd has not been used for 3 weeks. The dvd player broke and as of yet has not been replaced. I am hoping next week to be back on this though! I am determined to get to the 30 day mark, the furthest i have been is around 14days, so nearly half way.

This weeks shopping has no Walkers big bag sensations crisps in, no chocolate, nothing. Instead i bought fruit and some nut treats. I have meals that are healthier and most done from scratch, with a vegetable soup for my dinner this week that will be homemade tomorrow morning ready for dinnertimes.
So the diet is kick starting but i am no longer following anything, instead i will be just eating healthier with the odd treats every now and again. Water is not much of a problem with me as as you all know i only really drink water anyway, no tea/coffee, click link for that post!

Lets see how i go with this one. Scales still don’t work well in the bathroom so i may not be able to see the results through that but i hope i see it through clothes fitting better.

Here i go again…

I made it

Finally got to the point where the 30 day shred feels easier, when i say easier, i don’t actually mean it as ‘easy,’ far from it, but i could actually get through the 20minutes with only one 5 second break. Normally have to have about 4 stops!

So this is day 4 of the dvd, does that mean in the morning i may wake up without muscle pain? Please let it be.

I am doing level at the moment, last time i got to level 2, but quit around 14/15 days into it, just lost the routine of it all with hubby being back, MY routine was gone. Once i can do level 1 all through without stopping for a couple of days onto level 2 i go.

‘I can do this, I can do this..’

New Year..New me..New new year resolution!

So at this time of everyone is talking about it. New Year Resolutions. I seem to have a theme with mine since having children, every year it’s ‘Diet and lose weight, i will stick to it this time.’ So what’s it this year? Yep the same as the past 6years. I am joing Weight Watchers on the 2nd and starting the diet the next day. I will the  be doing my 30 day shred dvd most nights and trying to walk more to Tesco, seen as it is just round the corner! Lazy, i know! My excuse was the fact there is a big hill to it, go down it on way there, but way back is a killer going up with all your shopping.

So what New Year Resolution do you have? Have you even thought about it yet?

Day 1 of 30 day shred complete

So i stuck to my word and started the  30 day shred last night. Got the dvd working, but no sound, which was annoying so i put my music on from my phone instead.

Got through the first lot of 3 sessions and was ready to finish, once it got onto the 2nd i thought, great this must be the last because i can bearly breath and my legs are shaking. Noooo there is a 3rd session!! I more or less collapsed after the last one. Forgot how hard this dvd is! Must try and sort out the sound for tonights session, quite annoying to have to keep checking tv to make sure the next exercise hasn’t started.

I am in pain today. Mostly the legs, i can feel everytime i use the muscles in them. Stairs are my worst nightmare at the moment! If i remember rightly tomorrow is a little better, please let that be true!

My healthier eating also starts today too. I wish dieting was fun too, but i get so bored of it after a while (a day or 2!).


Even reading that awful word makes me feel knackered. I’m no fan of exercise, i find it boring and more of a chore than something good.

I have decided (why?) to start my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd back up again. Last time i done it, it was a while ago and i remember the next day of the first 3 days i could hardly walk, my muscles hurt. Going downstairs hurt, i had to lean against the wall to try and get down. After the first couple of days my muscles got used to the workout. Some of the things on it i find easy others i am counting the seconds until it’s over.

I wondered if i put it on here if it would give me drive to carry it on longer than the 2/3weeks i done last time.

See how far i get, tonight is day number 1, i am not looking forward to school run tomorrow morning!


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