Slimming World so far

I am on week 8 or 9 now of Slimming World. This is the longest i have lasted on a ‘diet.’ So far i have lost 9lb and have another 1 stone 1 lb to target. It’s coming off slowly, but i can’t stop my ‘treats’ completely and i feel this is what is holding me back losing more quicker, but i am happy, i am eating cake, eating meals out (not as often) but at the same time i am eating healthier. Meals from scratch, much more fruit and vegetables in my meals. I find myself going to the fruit bowl without thinking. I never knew how much i liked plums and raspberries until i started this.

I have started running this week (well walking/jogging, looking like a beetroot!) My legs are painful and takes me time to walk if i have sat down for a while. Would hate to see how i am walking! With this i am also doing some planks, crunches and squats when i remember and have time.

I fit myself into some jeans this week that i haven’t been able to fasten for the past 1/2years yahooo!

I am hopefully going to get the time to update my blog with some Slimming World meals we all enjoy eating, there are a fair few so far, and still have many more recipes to try!


Goodbye 3.5 lbs :)

So today was my first weigh in, after being on Slimming World a week. I was dreading the scales, i was good and followed plan apart from the weekend! I am so glad weigh in is Wednesday and not Mondays. We had a bit of a hectic weekend and we needed food. In a city we didn’t know and all we could see was Mcdonalds! So i had a very naughty dinner, but it tasted delicious! With this in mind and also the fact i had a fair few double vodkas and diet cokes on Friday night, it didn’t really look good for my first week!

Stepped slowly on the scales watching it get to a stand still. A big grin arrived on my face when i saw the weight, wahoo. The Mcdonalds didn’t stop me losing.

Now onto week 2 and we have Jessicas birthday which means a little tea party on Saturday, and i whole lot of syns! Hopefully i will lose still if i maybe try a few SP extra easy days.

So all is good on the weight front, can’t believe how much fruit and veg i eat now and actually enjoy it!

Am i size 10 now??

I have been on the health kick a week, surely i should be a size 10?? I am so impatient with weight loss and toning. I should have a flat stomach by now too! I don’t have that or the size 10 figure. Infact i haven’t changed at all. I like things now, not one to gladly wait for things. This is my ultimate healthy lifestyle downfall, i fall off the wagon because i see no progress a week on, a hard week at that! I have swam twice since Monday and done the gym twice. I seem to be losing my brain this week too, maybe chocolate gives my brain a boost?

Tuesday i went swimming in the morning, the day before i had swam in the morning and done gym after tea. It helped in loosening up my muscles as i never felt the burn as much as normal if i had done that amount of exercise the day before. The only problem was, my brain was left in its wrapper when i woke up that day! Get to changing rooms, get undressed and unlock door, luckily before fully opening this i realise i am in my birth suit and have yet to put on my swimwear! Can you imagine the embarrassment! I finally get into the pool and start swimming, much harder than the day before, 10 lengths in i seem to be struggling to do anything, switching, from all sorts of different strokes during the lengths just to get me to the end of the length. There was a point i was doing back stroke and yep, i done the embarrassing thing of going into the stairs with my head. I stand up look around to see the life guard covering her mouth from laughing. How dare she laugh at me! Ok, ok so i would laugh too if it was someone else.. I carry on swimming as if nothing had happened, 30 minutes in and 29 lengths done, i gave up! It just wasn’t my day for swimming.

Done the gym last night, too busy laughing with friend to be able to do many of the arm weight lifting stuff. I can feel it on my stomach muscles though, so tomorrow i may wake with my 6 pack right?

So this is my journey so far, i WILL get there, but for now will give swimming a rest until next week when hopefully i will dodge the stairs and walking out in birth suit! Will try to get to gym again today and do better than last night!

Joined the gym *gulp*

So after saying numerous amounts of times that ‘I will lose weight this time and be good’ and failing badly. I decided gym membership it was! I couldn’t do it at home, it was too easy to think not today, will do it tomorrow. So 30 day shred is currently in the dvds holder for when i have got into this exercise lark.

I am no fan of exercise, i drive ALOT. Living in the middle of nowhere you would think i would do all the countryside walks, but that just isn’t me. I am a town girl at heart. I do walk the dogs though, but not in all the fields that you would do if living in countryside. Sometimes i do let the dogs take me when i can’t be bothered moving my feet i let them drag me along. Oh gosh am i lazy! Should i have admitted that laziness??

Induction is tomorrow, plan is to do induction and then have a 30 min or so workout. Membership includes swimming pool, so will be off swimming during day when Jess is in nursery and gym/classes on the evening.
I started heathy eating 2 days ago, now on day 3 and i am doing ok, but do wish i could just eat all the crisps i want and not gain weight. Why couldn’t i have the fast metabolism gene?

I WILL get fit/toned and healthy!!

Clean eating diet

Firstly apologise for a months silence, had a few things going on that took up alot of my time, still a little on going but promise i’ll make time for the blog again.

So what have i been upto on the diet front?

I’ve left Weight Watchers behind. Too hard doing the weight of everything i used, with 3 kids it’s just not suitable for me. So what am i on now? Nothing as such. If i want crisps i will eat a pack, what i have changed is the way i ate, i have started to eat more cleanly. What does that mean? I will explain..

Clean eating; trying to cook everything from scratch, no jarred sauces, packet sauches. For example spaghetti bolognese, instead of using the dolmios sauce i now use passata, which is sieved, pureed tomatoes. If i use pasta/rice i try to use wholemeal and if possible organic.
I have cut carbs ALOT. I used to get stomach cramps and IBS (Irrital Bowel Syndrome) since cutting out carbs as much as possible i haven’t suffered with this. During the last school holidays i gave myself a break from it all and eat bread/pasta/potatoes as i used to. I noticed the cramps came back and ┬ánight i needed my IBS tablets as i was hunched on the floor in pain. It seems i can’t tolerate carbs much. So sometimes where i would have pasta like the spaghetti bolognese i am having salad with the bolognese poured on top. Yes it actually tastes nice! Also the left overs then goes into my omelette for dinner the next day, which is delicious! I rarely have chips/potatoes, i substitute them for again salad/roasted vegetables/peas/sweetcorn. It has been hard but now i am used to not buying potatoes and finding an alternative, i have carbs maybe twice a week.

I try and get everything fresh/frozen, my vegetables is usually frozen veg as i find it easier to fit in with my lifestyle as i don’t have time to be going to the supermarket every 2/3days for fresh vegetables. Sausages/ham/meat is from butchers as much as i can get to one, the other plus to this is the meat is nicer to eat and i am using local butchers for this so supporting the local businesses.

If i am having a lazy day or just don’t have the energy then i do cheat and use jarred/packet sauces for ease, but i have cut right back on this.

Exercise i am doing what i can, if i have a minute to myself i then do some crunches/planks, where i can.

The good thing is, you can have as much meat as you want, portion size doesn’t have to be shrunk straight away and can be gradual as what you are eating is clean and healthy. What i have found difficult if no sauces, only balsamic vinegar. For most meals i can do this, but Sunday Dinner just isn’t the same without some gravy! So i haven’t completely took out all the good things, that are bad for you.

So that is the diet i now follow, which i don’t necessarily class as a diet more a change in the way i now eat. Before this i thought it was ok to eat rice, potatoes and some meat, but now i see how wrong that is, having rice and potatoes together. It took sometime to get my head around things but now i notice more of food.

The diet and exercise update

So some may be wondering how it’s all going, with no update posts for a while?

Well, it got stopped. I couldn’t do it no more. Weight Watchers just wasn’t for me. I have a busy life with 3 kids, school runs, 2 dogs etc that i just didn’t have time to stand there weighing out all my food to get the right amount of points. Some recipes i still use from the website as i liked them, but the diet regime is none existent.

The exercise, well that has stopped too, the 30 day shred dvd has not been used for 3 weeks. The dvd player broke and as of yet has not been replaced. I am hoping next week to be back on this though! I am determined to get to the 30 day mark, the furthest i have been is around 14days, so nearly half way.

This weeks shopping has no Walkers big bag sensations crisps in, no chocolate, nothing. Instead i bought fruit and some nut treats. I have meals that are healthier and most done from scratch, with a vegetable soup for my dinner this week that will be homemade tomorrow morning ready for dinnertimes.
So the diet is kick starting but i am no longer following anything, instead i will be just eating healthier with the odd treats every now and again. Water is not much of a problem with me as as you all know i only really drink water anyway, no tea/coffee, click link for that post!

Lets see how i go with this one. Scales still don’t work well in the bathroom so i may not be able to see the results through that but i hope i see it through clothes fitting better.

Here i go again…

Weigh in week 4

Yesterday is weigh in days, you may have noticed i never updated my blog with my weight. This being my scales decided not to play ball and wouldn’t weigh me. So i have no idea how much i have lost/gained, but hopefully next Thursday i can get it working and just miss a week.

I am doing OK on the diet, i have been naughty every now and again, but still not minding eating the veg with my meals, which i never thought i would say. My portions haven’t shrunk, but my Opp veg has doubled on my plate, so i guess that is ok for the portion not to shrink?

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