Caterpillars: We now have Chrysalides

Not sure i can title my posts caterpillars no more, as as you can tell from the title we now have 4 chrysalides. The 4th caterpillar is around 3/4days behind the others. The other 3 have been chrysalides for 7 days now, so we could get butterflies anytime. Although none are dark yet and the information leaflet you get with the kit says they will darken before butterflies appear. So now on dark chrysalide watch!

When the last caterpillar was at the top in it’s J shape. I sat watching for an hour, it was twitching and moving so i presumed it would be a chrysalide soon. After an hour i had to stop watching and go make tea for us all. Typically i came back in the living room 30 minutes later to see it was a chrysalide! So i missed it all again!

I am hoping to catch atleast one butterfly emerge, but i bet it will happen when i have nipped out the house.

So although not much is happening from the outside alot is happening inside! We are now on Day 15!

20130729_170258[1] 20130729_170338[1] 20130729_184525[1] 20130729_184530[1] 20130731_230617[1] 20130731_230627[1] 20130731_230654[1]


Caterpillars Day 3

Woke up this morning to see the caterpillars have doubled in size overnight. I can’t believe how quickly they grow. The little one is still small compared to the others but i can see it has grown overnight too, it has been quite inactive today and i did think it wasn’t alive no more as it didn’t move for a few hours, but it has. It is currently still in the middle of some silk that the caterpillars have formed.

I forgot to take pictures today, so pictures have been done tonight and not as good as i’d like, really need to buy a good camera as at the moment i am using my phones camera for everything. You can see there are no pictures of the small one. I found it too hard to get a picture of that one because of where it was. Hopefully will catch it tomorrow in an easier place and in daylight.

20130720_213009[1] 20130720_212811[1] 20130720_212702[1]

Insectlore live butterfly garden

If you haven’t heard about it and have young kids, go look! It is just fab. I have followed a few friends with them on facebook and had to get one for me and the kids. I say me as really i am more excited about it all than the kids! Link to where i bought them Insectlore live butterfly garden

So what is it?
You get sent a pot with some caterpillars in and a netted ‘garden’ for when the caterpillars are in their┬áchrysalides ready to emerge into butterflies, you then release them outside so they can continue the cycle.

I have decided to a day to day diary (with some odd days as exceptions when i’m a little too busy) so you can all share the life cycle of a caterpillar with us and watch us hopefully release some beautiful butterflies.

So today is day 1, we were just about to go out the door to do the morning school run when the doorbell rang and the package was delivered. I went for the package where they send the caterpillars with the ‘garden’ but you can opt for the garden to be sent and some vouchers for caterpillars, so you can order them when wanted. I didn’t want to wait, impatient? Yes.

We have 4 caterpillars, 3 quite big and 1 small one, all are on the move already. It did say in the instructions they may be still for a day or so, but so glad ours are all off on the move already. We have already got some silk forming too. The brown stuff in the bottom is the caterpillars food to feed on.

Meet our little caterpillars:

20130718_103037[1] 20130718_103025[1] 20130718_092807[1] 20130718_103015[1]


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