Am i size 10 now??

I have been on the health kick a week, surely i should be a size 10?? I am so impatient with weight loss and toning. I should have a flat stomach by now too! I don’t have that or the size 10 figure. Infact i haven’t changed at all. I like things now, not one to gladly wait for things. This is my ultimate healthy lifestyle downfall, i fall off the wagon because i see no progress a week on, a hard week at that! I have swam twice since Monday and done the gym twice. I seem to be losing my brain this week too, maybe chocolate gives my brain a boost?

Tuesday i went swimming in the morning, the day before i had swam in the morning and done gym after tea. It helped in loosening up my muscles as i never felt the burn as much as normal if i had done that amount of exercise the day before. The only problem was, my brain was left in its wrapper when i woke up that day! Get to changing rooms, get undressed and unlock door, luckily before fully opening this i realise i am in my birth suit and have yet to put on my swimwear! Can you imagine the embarrassment! I finally get into the pool and start swimming, much harder than the day before, 10 lengths in i seem to be struggling to do anything, switching, from all sorts of different strokes during the lengths just to get me to the end of the length. There was a point i was doing back stroke and yep, i done the embarrassing thing of going into the stairs with my head. I stand up look around to see the life guard covering her mouth from laughing. How dare she laugh at me! Ok, ok so i would laugh too if it was someone else.. I carry on swimming as if nothing had happened, 30 minutes in and 29 lengths done, i gave up! It just wasn’t my day for swimming.

Done the gym last night, too busy laughing with friend to be able to do many of the arm weight lifting stuff. I can feel it on my stomach muscles though, so tomorrow i may wake with my 6 pack right?

So this is my journey so far, i WILL get there, but for now will give swimming a rest until next week when hopefully i will dodge the stairs and walking out in birth suit! Will try to get to gym again today and do better than last night!


Exercise isn’t as bad as i thought

Done the gym induction on Saturday, which was good, but i did forget how to do all the weight machines, too many to remember. I was doing the inner and outer thigh one wrong, doh! I asked how it was done again and thanked and walked away. I didn’t want to do it again to forget what pin goes where. I am easily confused! I am back to the gym tonight and am actually looking forward to it, getting a bit of ‘me’ back into myself instead of just ‘mummy’ or ‘army wife.’

What is even better for me with gym membership is swimming is free, i love swimming (well really like not sure i am as far to say love) i would rather swim than run. I’m not the best and prefer back to front which sometimes is a bit annoying on lane swimming trying to make sure i don’t go into anyone or the wall at the side. Which yes i have done before. This morning dropped the kids off school, Jess at nursery and went swimming. Last time i went swimming on my own without kids was the swimathon over a year ago. It was good to be able to get dressed on my own not worrying about kids. Got there and waited to join in at the end on the slow lane swimming, no way was i wanting to be at the front, i always worry i will slow people down. It was a lovely swim, managed 40 something lengths in 40 minutes (ish). There were times i would’ve loved a little rest but i carried on with the flow. I got out with jelly legs, nearly fell back in pool, oops! Hopefully off to swimming again tomorrow morning if i can still walk after gym tonight!

The exercise is coming quite easily to me, for once! The healthy diet is hard still, loving the smoothies though!

Joined the gym *gulp*

So after saying numerous amounts of times that ‘I will lose weight this time and be good’ and failing badly. I decided gym membership it was! I couldn’t do it at home, it was too easy to think not today, will do it tomorrow. So 30 day shred is currently in the dvds holder for when i have got into this exercise lark.

I am no fan of exercise, i drive ALOT. Living in the middle of nowhere you would think i would do all the countryside walks, but that just isn’t me. I am a town girl at heart. I do walk the dogs though, but not in all the fields that you would do if living in countryside. Sometimes i do let the dogs take me when i can’t be bothered moving my feet i let them drag me along. Oh gosh am i lazy! Should i have admitted that laziness??

Induction is tomorrow, plan is to do induction and then have a 30 min or so workout. Membership includes swimming pool, so will be off swimming during day when Jess is in nursery and gym/classes on the evening.
I started heathy eating 2 days ago, now on day 3 and i am doing ok, but do wish i could just eat all the crisps i want and not gain weight. Why couldn’t i have the fast metabolism gene?

I WILL get fit/toned and healthy!!

Cakes so far this year

With my absence i have yet to share some of the birthday cakes i have done so far this year. I so wish i could do some cake decorating courses, this year i am thinking of trying to practice my piping skills, as they seem to be none existent at the moment. One thing i can’t get the hang of is piping. I watch Cake Boss on tv and they make it all look so easy!

Start off with Jessicas 3rd birthday cake (how littlest princess has turned 3 i don’t know, it has whizzed by). She asked for a Peppa Pig picnic cake;

20140115_141627 20140115_141631 _DSC2194 _DSC2195

9 days later i was finished Thomas’ 7th birthday cake, he insisted on another Lego one;

_DSC2303 _DSC2304 _DSC2305

Inbetween these 2 i also made another simpler cake a joint one for them both. The parents came down to visit the weekend inbetween their birthdays, which meant a tea party and another cake. Unfortunately that afternoon the car broke down, AA couldn’t find us and by the time we got home i had a rush on to get a cake made, so here is the joint rushed birthday cake for them both;


Lastly i had my mothers birthday cake, they came to visit this month and a tea party again. Not my best cake, was a little disapointed on the decoration but the sponge colours turned out well;

20140315_13171120140315_13185520140315_190956VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310WVLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

I’m back!

Hopefully some of you noticed me gone.

Have had a few things happening since last post, one being a new posting in November. Took a while to settle, still not 100% settled but this is the army life and i am expected to get on with it. So get on with it i will try 🙂

I have a new pushchair also. Jess being 3 in January made me decide on a final pushchair, i sold the Bugaboo Bee+ as i wasn’t 100% on it. I found the more i used it the more i found cons on it and it got the point i didn’t enjoy it no more. I have pondered for years on the pushchair and turns out it isn’t as great as i thought. I also missed Stokke! I’d had 2 Xplorys the purple and pink and with them bringing out 2 new pushchairs. Scoot and Crusi i could finally go back to them. I sold the Xplory as was getting too big for Jessicas age so went for the Scoot. I hated it when it came out, i thought it was ugly and cheap looking. I took the plunge and bought one to be used as my finally pushchair, and i love it! I don’t see the ugly side of it (apart from recline, but don’t use that with Jess not napping). The cheap looking i once thought was there has disappeared and i enjoy it!
Will try get time for a seperate Stokke love post.

I have also been wallpapering 2 rooms in the house! First time for us to wallpaper and me and hubby seemed to enjoy it. We want to do more but it is finding the time for that and wallpaper not too expensive that we like seen as we won’t be here long, 2 years at the most! Will do another post on this too, pictures included. Slowly trying to get house sorted but taking it’s time plus trying to do it cheaply seems to be hard as i want everything i see!

Hope to start getting into posting alot more again, so be back soon.

Smurf house birthday cake

It was Amys 5th Birthday on Sunday and i decided to do a Smurf mushroom house house cake. Looked on google for ideas and could not work out how you would do the overhang of the ‘roof’ of the house. I tried cooking a big cookie a week before, but found i am no good at baking them as it burnt to a crisp (i may have forgot to set timer!) So having a cookie base for the roof was out, i did not want to try any more burnt cookies (yuk!). So decided to just do 2 cakes in 1 and have a cake board on top of the bottom of the mushroom, making 2 cakes altogether.

I left myself 2 days to do it all, 3 kids on my own and baking a cake isn’t the easiest situation, but i managed, just. First day i managed to get the 3 sponge layers for the bottom complete, along with icing and decorating it.

Day one in pictures:

20131004_112513 20131004_113016 20131004_161507 20131004_204442 20131004_215849

The second day was getting the roofs 4 layers baked, decorated and then finishing off decorating the board (which wasn’t much). The reason it was so time consuming was the amount of cake layers needed all layers took atleast 30 minutes. My electric hand mixer also decided to break after day 1. So had to go to nearest supermarket and buy another one, which was much more powerful than my first and ended up with mixture splattered everywhere.
I baked all cake layers for the roof and placed them on top of each other with buttercream in the middle of the layers. Then i got my bread knife and tried to cut as well as i could into a roof shape. Unfortunately this meant alot of cake was thrown in the bin. I treat myself to a Wilton cake turntable, which was fab and made the cutting of the roof so much easy. How i have managed without one i don’t know but will now always have one while i am doing cakes!

The roof finally in shape and it was covered, looked a bit odd as the cake was shorter than the board on the bottom layer, so roof wasn’t a smooth recline, but i have learnt my lesson on this if there is a next time. It came to board decorating and decided to make it easy just to pipe grass around the side. I searched high and low and could not find my wilton tip for grass, so it ended up being green piped flowers instead. So here is the end result, not perfect but it do the job:

Day two in pictures and the finished cake

20131005_170928 20131005_180628 20131005_212619 20131005_212623 20131006_172002 20131006_172413 20131006_172419

New school routine and pushchair update

So i have been a bit awol, with 6 weeks holidays and then school runs to get used to i had a bit of a break.

Amy started full time school September, was looking forward to the dinnertime school run being dropped. Finally have a full school day to do things! I couldn’t wait to do loads of shopping, but this has yet to happen.
Jess isn’t the best toddler in a pushchair at the moment. I need to bribe her with things just to stay in. This is a very sad stage for pramoholic like myself! It means that no pushchairs in the household is getting closer…How will i cope?! Where do i put all my shopping?!
I still like to see what’s happening with Stokke pushchairs. Even though i sold my pink V3 a few months ago now. If you like Stokke and haven’t noticed already they have some lovely new textile colours this year and winter kits, my favorite being the beige melange! Wish they had that when i had my 2 V3 pushchairs. So once pushchair stage is over i will be still looking at them all, feeling sad i can no longer try any.

So as you all know i got myself (Jessica) a Bugaboo Bee+ in place of the Xplory. I like it, but miss my Stokke Xplory still. I have my praticality head on for the Bugaboo. Folds in one piece, which i have to say is very easy! Moving the seat from parent to forward facing is easy too, once you know how. I did stand puzzled as to how to do it, so has to youtube a video. I still have Jess parent facing, i missed her when i had her parent facing plus she gets out without me knowing forward facing, i only know when all of a sudden a Jess pops her head out and the pushchair gets light. So parent facing means i can try as much as possible to keep her in. The only downside is the fact there is no foot rest, which means we have dangling legs. Well we would if Jess sat like that, instead she favors having both legs hanging over the frame bars until i notice as kicking people as we go by isn’t the greatest. I will give more of an update on the pushchair as i now have a pink hood/organiser and cup holder since last pictures. Any excuse for a pushchair post with pictures!

Getting back to the school runs, with having both at school it confused me as to who i would drop off first and pick up first. Decided Thomas gets dropped off first, as with him i stand on playground and watch him go in. Amy i walk in and wait for her to do her name before saying goodbye. Pick up I have tried both first and can’t yet decide which is best.

So having a full school day means you get loads done? I did think this, but so far i don’t seem to be getting as much as i would like done. We move next month to a new posting and so i have been trying to de clutter and tidy. I have done 2 tip runs and yet still seem to have ALOT of ‘stuff’ in the house with not much sorting out yet. Housework gets thrown in, in between tidying, shopping,errands and everything else that gets done. Jess seems to miss a play mate. Her and Amy don’t get on as much as you would think 2 girls would but she enjoyed the company of another child. So i think we will be paying for day nursery one day a week for her when we move.

Amy turns 5 on Sunday which means i need to make a Birthday Cake. It is Smurf related, as the kids love Smurfs! I think it may be a hard one to do, have calculated 7/8 sponge layers for it, so alot of cooking! There will be a post on the cake once done, and half eaten!

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