Pinata cake gone wrong

So after searching for cake ideas for a birthday cake for my sister and her husband, i came across a pinata cake. So i thought lets try it! As you can tell by the title it didn’t fully go to plan, but i know what i did wrong and it can easily be corrected, so for those wanting to try it out here are my tips.

My idea was to do a big round cake. So i used a pyrex bowl to cook the cake in. This in itself isn’t the best idea. I found the outside burnt but the inside was still liquid, i still am not sure if maybe i had the temperature lower than 160/170 then maybe it may have worked better. That i have yet to try though! Less cake mixture would’ve helped but i needed it big and high so that the smarties and milkybar buttons inside were piled up ready to pour out.

Once the cake had finally cooked i left it on the side to cool. Once cool i chopped it in half and made a hole in the middle for the milkybar buttons and smarties to go in. They were piled quite high and i used a fair bit of sweets, there were more packets than what is in the picture but gives you an idea of how many you would need. This is where i feel it went a bit wrong.


The hole needed to be wider. When i cut the cake the sweets didn’t exactly fall out as planned. The reason i feel this is why is because there was too much in the centre of the cake. They sort of trickled out one by one, instead of pouring out.
Once sweets were in i buttercreamed the cake as you can see in the pictures and put the top of the cake back on. I left it for a little bit to settle before i buttercreamed all the outside of the cake. Wasn’t the prettiest cake to look at but it was enough for an experiment cake.  I decorated it with a few smarties on the outside to make it look more ‘photogenic’ as lets face it, it looked a bit of a mess with just buttercream, i can’t buttercream neatly.

20130519_135141 20130519_135144

The cake was finished, candles may have been better other way round and youngest age on the left hand side, but as you do i just stuck them in without thinking. So it was now time to test out the experiment. Candles blown out it was time to cut the cake and see the sweets all fall out…wrong! This is what happened instead:


A little trickle of sweets fell out…what a disappointment! This is why i feel a bigger hole in the bottom of the cake is needed, maybe if they were closer to the outside edge they would’ve fell out more. The only downside to these cakes is you lose out on cake. Alot of cake was gone from the hole for the sweets. It could’ve easily been made into cake pops, but i didn’t have time for that so it was just eat by me and the kids. This is definitely a cake for someone who enjoys sweets!


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