Now that Thomas is 6…

He is such a fussy eater, can’t have sauce on anything so spaghetti bolognese /lasagna etc is a no no. Bean sauce can’t touch anything else otherwise he won’t eat what it has touched even if he likes it.

Today at tea we had pork and vegetables. I always put food on his plate he proclaims is ‘disgusting’ just incase he will want to try it sometime.

Well tonight he said ‘Can i try some gravy please as i am 6 now and may like it.’ With a shocked face i poured a tiny bit of gravy in a spare place on his plate and he tried dipping in some potato. He then wanted it over his peas. Over his peas? He has actually put something on top of food??? I am gobsmacked. This then continued with all the food on his plate, saying ‘I am 6 so i like this on my brocolli too,’ ‘and my peas.’ He gets to the sweetcorn being only food left, he hasn’t ate this for a few years. Tonight for tea he ate it all with gravy on top!!

It’s amazing what being 6 can do 🙂

I hope he keeps it up and starts trying new things again. He used to love spaghetti bolognese as a baby and everything else i cooked up for him.


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