Thomas is 6!

So like i done 9days ago for Jessica, i will post about this special day 6yrs ago šŸ™‚

On the 23rd January at 9am my waters broke but i had no contractions, i rang the hubby at work, but told him not to bother coming home yet as i wasn’t in pain. 10/15minutes he was home lol. I was 7 days late, excited it was the day, but petrified of that awful pain everyone talks about when they relive their labour and birth.

The midwife came over as she was due at 9:30 to give me a sweep. She checked how i was and noticed flesh blood, i was then told to go to hospital so i could be monitored. Off to hospital we went. I was put on the machine that checks contractions and heart beat, waiting for the pain to start. At around 8/9pm the midwives came into the room and asked hubby to get his overnight bag as looks like nothing will happen that day. I was told to get some sleep and i will be woken in the morning to be induced. Every 2 hrs throughout the night i was woken for blood pressure to be checked. At 5am i was woken to be told get your stuff were going to induce as we have a labour room free. Walking past the reception part of the ward 2 midwives told me ‘I bet this will be a quick labour.’ Ā I thought, how would you know and what actually is classed as quick? I got put on pitocin drip and also a drip to stop infections. Them alone were painful enough (small veins aren’t good with drips! Feel everything, i move my hand and can feel stuff in my arm, yuk).

At 9am i was still awake, hubby on the otherhand was fast asleep on the chair, ‘How dare he’ i thought. By this point i had seen many midwives. At around 2:30pm i went to the toilet, while there i was struck by an almighty contraction, i sat there on my own holding the drips, thinking this is it, no turning back. I got through them with gas and air, the midwife asked if i wanted epidural, i said yes. The pain wasn’t too bad but i wanted it in before it got going before i feel the worst pain of my life.

TheĀ anesthetistĀ arrived around 4pm, sat at the end of bed trying to keep still, while he does what’s needed, i feel this almighty urge to push. I start moving around being sat on a bed while wanting to push just doesn’t work. Luckily theĀ anesthetistĀ hadn’t had time to get the wire in my back. I shouted some more about wanting to push but the MW told me i didn’t and try stay still. I screamed at her no i need to push. I get told to lay down and though and behold Thomas was crowning! After this it’s a bit of a blur, the gas and air was wonderful. I kept saying omg i have to feel the pain, so i took as much gas and air as i could get into me! I don’t think i opened my eyes after being told it was time. I was too scared. After a couple of pushes Thomas was born into the world!

16:12, weighing a little 6lb 15oz, with a 1hr 47min labour. The midwives were right!

Once i had come round a bit more from the gas and air. I was overwhelmed at how ‘well’ it all went and that i had my little man in my arms finally, the unconditional love was there straight away, the umbilical cord was cut but it was still there with the love.

I looked over at the hubby to find he had blood on his face. ‘Oh my word, what happened?’ i asked. He replied ‘ You took out your drips and the blood squirted my face, but don’t worry it’s on your face too’ ‘What? I actually remember nothing of that, gosh that gas and air is good!’ Went to the showers to freshen up and came back in to the room to see the father and son bond begin, it was lovely.
Not long after this, the anesthetist came in and said how wonderful it was to be here for the birth. He was here for the birth? He saw me give birth? I had no idea! I wasĀ embarrassed! He said that his wife had just given birth 3 weeks ago in the same room and it brought all the wonderful memories back. Once he left, i asked hubby what did he do, just stand and watch? ‘No Lynsey he was holding your arms down and keeping the gas and air mask on your face, you seemed to want to get away and wriggle all over the place.’ As far as i knew i was still? I think i maybe went into shock at some point and can’t remember a thing because of that.

Unfortunately i was kept in hospital for 5 days, my pre-eclampsia from pregnancy was still lurking and some of my organs weren’t back to normal, but i got to spend 5 days with just me and my wonderfully gorgeous son.

20121013_125225 IMAG0009 IMAG0008


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